Sourcing and Supplier Management

Assisting clients in finding reliable suppliers, conducting due diligence, negotiating contracts, and managing relationships with overseas manufacturers or suppliers.


Import and Export Documentation

Handling the necessary paperwork, including customs documentation, permits, licenses, certificates of origin, and other compliance-related documents required for smooth international trade.


Freight Forwarding and Logistics

Coordinating the transportation of goods through various modes (air, sea, road, rail), arranging shipping, tracking shipments, and managing logistics to ensure timely and secure delivery.

Global Network.

With an extensive network of trusted partners and agents worldwide, we have the capability to navigate diverse markets, providing you with access to a global customer base and expanding your reach for successful import and export endeavors.


Streamlined Processes.

Our import and export business offers streamlined processes that ensure efficient handling of international transactions, from sourcing to delivery, reducing complexities and saving you time and resources.


About us

Ocean Bay Global Ltd. started on 3th January 2023. Our comprehensive knowledge of international trade regulations and vast network of partners, we ensure smooth operations, minimize risks, and optimize cost-effective import and export processes, empowering your business to thrive in the global marketplace.